Laura Cannon - Project Manager


A little bit about me...

I have lived in Maine for 15 years, and have been working in media and technology for over 25 years, including video production, print design, software development, and eCommerce. I grew up in Milton, Massachusetts, earned my BFA at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and have also lived in Denver, San Francisco, Manhattan, and rural New Hampshire. My family has called New England home for several generations.

I love Maine for the quality of life, natural beauty, abundant outdoor opportunities, and, believe it or not, the weather. Living in a 4-season climate is integral to my sense of well being. The environment I am in is constantly changing, never quite the same place twice.

I have enjoyed my career because it satisfies so many sides of me. It's strategic, creative, and technical. It takes brains, logic, and planning; and it takes imagination, aesthetics, and communication skills. Each project brings new challenges, from the needs of the client, to the platforms and technologies involved, to the personalities I get to work with. I love solving problems, finding creative solutions, and making things come together into something that didn't exist before.

When I'm not working, I am outside as much as possible. I'm a cyclist, runner, hiker, swimmer, skier, skater, windsurfer, and kayaker. I've completed a half-Ironman triathlon and a marathon, and have been a participant in the Beach to Beacon 10K for the past five years. But most of my pursuits are non-competitive; I just enjoy being active and connecting with the natural world, be it ocean, mountain, or somewhere in between.


I share my life with a wonderful person whose love of the outdoors matches my own, and we enjoy getting outside for adventures big and small. Sean is a builder and an avid athlete who has completed 5 marathons and an Ironman triathlon. We've joined the madness that is the Reach the Beach 24-hour relay three years in a row.

I love to travel, and when possible, challenge myself at the same time. One of my favorite trips of this kind was backpacking through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in summer 2001 (read about it at my ANWR site). Our next big trip on the horizon is a return to Los Cabos, Mexico, which was a revelation on our first visit, in 2009.